What is customer success?

We see success as being about so much more than implementation and configuration support. Customer Success is about accompanying you on each step of your software rollout and empowering you to take ownership of your TrackTik solution.

Our approach addresses the traditional role of support in gathering technical requirements and overseeing a smooth configuration and implementation, but goes much further. We actively listen to your business goals to align your use of TrackTik with the achievement of these strategic objectives.

Working with Customer Success is the start of a mutual relationship aimed at seeing the bigger picture of how TrackTik can help you achieve your vision for your company.

CSX Team

How TrackTik ensures client success

Key aspects of how we’ll support your success include:

  • Custom goals based on your specific desired outcomes
  • Clear guidelines with customized training plans and timelines
  • Guidance with the technical configuration of TrackTik, aligned to your business structure
  • Advice on best practices and guiding you to get the best out of TrackTik and guidance on getting the best out of TrackTik
  • Solution building and workflow optimization
  • Regular business reviews to make sure you’re getting the maximum value from TrackTik

“We hire passionate people who consistently listen to our customers and focus on bringing real value.”

– Simon Ferragne, CEO

The three customer support pillars of our security guard software

Guarding Suite
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Security guard software training

During the onboarding process, we’ll be there to provide hands-on training and resources to empower you to become operational and feel comfortable with the software.

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TrackTik Learning Centre

Our Learning Centre is a built-in tool that is a database of helpful articles and videos where you can easily search for specific topics. Learn via short articles or videos, according to your learning style. This 24/7-accessible tool will help you gain proficiency, confidence, autonomy and reinforce what you’ve learned during onboarding.

TrackTik University
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Ongoing support

Your dedicated Customer Success Team delivers peace of mind and guidance. We will help you use TrackTik strategically to drive your business forwards using analytics pulled from your daily operations, and we’ll be there to gather feedback and share resources you may find helpful. We see this as a core part of maintaining a long and successful working relationship with you.