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Lose the Paper, Digitalize Patrol Routes

Managing scheduled jobs and effectively responding to unexpected events can be arduous. But it doesn’t have to be. TrackTik’s Dispatch and Patrol modules were specifically designed to improve efficiency, manage client expectations as well as every facet of your mobile operations.

Data-Driven Operation Intelligence

  • Support job assignment to response partners
  • Increase productivity with automated workflows
  • Increase officer reliability and accountability
  • Customized report forms providing the right data
  • Reduce time on creating patrol routes/run sheets
  • Control site information and improve response time
  • Control the flow of real-time information to your live dashboard
  • Empower your dispatch team to manage the unexpected and meet client expectations

Get the Right Tools for the Job

  • Real-time guard status, location, and ETA
  • Customized trends and analytics reporting
  • Patrol scheduling and route optimization tool
  • Patrol route management (Runsheets)
  • Interactive mobile app
  • Job specific instructions per site

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