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What’s in it?

  • One-click route optimization
  • Customizable reporting by client
  • Site-specific instructions by job type
  • Real-time dashboard that allows you to monitor the status of scheduled jobs
  • Seamless integration with TrackTik’s contracting module

What’s in it for you?

  • Ensure that protocols are always respected
  • Track task completion easily in real time
  • Support job assignment to response partners
  • Simplify guard training with the easy-to-use mobile app
  • Increase mobile efficiency with TrackTik’s route optimization
  • Provide officers access to information when they need it
  • Re-assign jobs quickly while meeting obligations
  • Save time with seamless integration with TrackTik’s suite

Optimize patrol routes to improve your bottom line

Be more efficient with route optimization based on scheduled times and client location, followed by automated notifications sent to clients. Improve the financial performance of your shared services division with a better understanding of where and how resources are deployed.

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Increase mobile operational performance

Meet your contractual obligations and maximize additional business opportunities to drive further financial success for your security firm. TrackTik’s Patrol module provides the structure and accountability needed to complete various types of scheduled client site visits, whether regular or temporary.

TrackTik’s Dispatch and Patrol modules, part of the Mobile+ Suite.

Connect your mobile operation

TrackTik’s Dispatch and Patrol modules, part of the Mobile+ Suite, were specifically designed to provide structure, visibility and accountability, improve response time and manage client expectations. The real-time platform keeps you connected to your mobile operations with tools to maximize efficiency. TrackTik provides the structure and flexibility you need to manage every facet of your mobile operations. Eliminate the need for multiple systems and connect your staff through a single platform.

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