Master the Art of Scheduling

Discover how to reduce your company’s liability, enhance accuracy, and increase guard accountability – all through our scheduling functionality.

B2C Webinar Master the Art of Scheduling

Trackforce Valiant + TrackTik presents the sixth episode of Between 2 Checkpoints, Master the Art of Scheduling. This webinar is for current and new users of TrackTik’s scheduling functionality.

Hear from our resident experts, Jeremy Greene and Mikael Braun, as they show how leveraging TrackTik’s scheduling to its fullest extent could equate to reduced liability, enhanced accuracy, and increased guard accountability.

Learn how to:

  • Implement skill requirements in positions
  • Replace last-minute personnel changes
  • Ensure geo-fence clock-ins
  • Better track breaks
  • Streamline your time approval process

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Event Details

1:00 pm

May 04, 2023

Master the Art of Scheduling