Transforming your Mobile Security through Automation

In this webinar, join us to learn how technology is revolutionising Mobile security through Automation. It is now possible to digitise your entire mobile security operations and enable companies to manage all of their mobile patrol officers from one easy to use dashboard.

Transforming your Mobile Security through Automation

With cloud-based software, companies can now follow officers’ runsheet progression to ensure that they are safe, dispatch officers for emergency services faster, and ensure all jobs are being completed properly .

Watch our industry expert Adam Jackowski and Modupeh Taylor-Cline touch upon several key aspects on how you can streamline your mobile security operations through automation:

  • Reduce response times to service requests
  • Maximise efficacy and reduce time spent travelling from site to site by optimising routes
  • Measure performance of recurring jobs and dispatches
  • Analyse your data and estimate which teams, routes perform better than the other and why
  • Get full visibility into your operations

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January 12, 2022