The sector has experienced huge growth in recent years but despite these overwhelming numbers, 40% of end users surveyed reported that they were not getting incident stats from their security service provider and wish that they were while 94% of respondents reported that they want easy access to data.

93% of end users also indicated that they want a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with their security service provider to ensure 99.9% uptime. A good SLA is important because it sets expectations with key performance indicators for the client. By having these KPIs established, client satisfaction improves by setting a clear and measurable standard of performance.

After deploying security workforce management software like TrackTik, 94% of respondents agree that TrackTik helps drive employee accountability, while 97% agree that TrackTik supports security firm reliability and help drives transparency to clients. 90% responded that TrackTik helps them run their business more efficiently. 93.3% of respondents saw an improvement in their ability to collect and use security incident data. 80% of firms using TrackTik say they were able to reduce the number of open shifts or reduce the time required to replace a guard. 71% of professionals said they were able to win new business and retain clients by integrating and promoting TrackTik as part of their firm’s overall service offering.

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