The Global Security Exchange conference (GSX 2018), formerly the ASIS Annual Seminar and Exhibits, is one of the security industry’s premier events. It brings together the full spectrum of the industry and facilitates the exchange of best practices and ideas. Already an eagerly anticipated tradeshow in the security industry calendar, this year’s event is touted to be larger than ever before for several reasons.

Strategies for security, multiplied

ASIS International has been an esteemed organization in the security industry for over 60 years. In order to better reflect the changing landscape of the industry, the organization is rebranding its annual trade show as “GSX” to help its security stakeholders anticipate changes and adapt accordingly.

Bringing together thought leaders and 20,000+ security organizations that are curating cutting-edge knowledge and technology, this is the go-to security event, multiplied. And the stage for this momentous event is none other than Las Vegas, NV itself. The event will run from September 23-27 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Get your tickets here.

If you’re still not convinced, here are five other reasons why you should definitely attend GSX 2018:

1. Fareed Zakaria’s keynote address

Why You Don’t Want to Miss GSX 2018
Fareed Zakaria, host of CNN’s ‘Fareed Zakaria GPS’

Fareed Zakaria is a best-selling author, current host of CNN’s Peabody Award-winning show ‘Fareed Zakaria GPS’ and a former editor-at-large of TIME Magazine. He is also recognized as one of the foremost Global Thinkers by Foreign Policy magazine. Zakaria will open the conference with a keynote address discussing the various security risks affecting the global community such as espionage, ransomware and spear phishing.

He believes that the “once-local crime syndicates have now metastasized over whole regions and continents” and that security industry stakeholders need to prepare for risk-laden scenarios across the board.

2. Futurist Scott Klososky’s comments on technology and mankind

Returning for the second year in a row, futurist and cyber security expert, Scott Klososky is a keen observer of the impact of technology on the values of mankind. Building on his keynote last year, he will describe how rapid digitization impacts the security management industry in particular.

According to Peter J. O’Neil, CEO of ASIS International, between Fareed and Scott, GSX attendees will “receive a rounded, nuanced and incisive” overview of the trends transforming the security industry. He also hopes to inspire his security peers to pursue a forward-looking, all-encompassing enterprise security risk management (ESRM) approach that will help security organizations better position themselves as critical business partners.

3. Celebrate Military & Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

Why You Don’t Want to Miss GSX 2018September 26th is Military & Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. In order to honor the brave men and women of the military and the law enforcement agencies who make the world a safer place, GSX will allow free entrance to service officers.

The day will also be commemorated with a keynote address and the day’s educational experiences will cater to topics relevant for them: IoT security, active shooter, soft target protection, human trafficking, and workplace violence.

4. The X Learning Theatres

Another attraction at the GSX 2018 exhibition hall will be the 300+ education sessions spread across the three X Learning Theatres:

  • The X Stage: this education center will outline leading-edge technologies such as blockchain, cryptocurrencies, artificial intelligence (AI), drones and robotics. This learning lab will also explore the impact of social media and the creation of our digital identities.
  • The Xcelerated Exchange Stage: this forum will tackle the question of how security service providers should adapt to the future requirements of the security landscape.
  • The Xperience Stage: this theatre will present case studies outlining how to mitigate challenging security scenarios such as active shooters, bullies in the healthcare industry and malicious threats at public events.

5. World-class networking

To allow ideas to flow seamlessly among the best of the security industry, GSX 2018 has supplemented the trade show with world-class networking events. Chief among these events will be the GSX kick-off party at the Brooklyn Bowl and the President’s Reception at Drai’s Nightclub.

Another highlight will be Canada Night, an annual social event hosted by ASIS Canada. This informal event will bring together Canadian security industry stakeholders and ASIS members from around the world. This year’s event will be sponsored by TrackTik, so don’t forget to take a photo with us at our photo booth, eh!

Experience TrackTik like never before

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