The realities the security industry faces in these times are more complex and more advanced than they have ever been. Whether you work for a security service provider or manage the corporate security team at an organization, your challenges continue to be unique.

Are you taking full advantage of the increase of technology in the world of security?

Technology & security: A data-driven look at challenges

$267 billion. That is the forecast demand for security services around the world in 2018. Up 6.9% from 2017, there is no denying that security and safety remains the top priority for so many companies, firms, organizations, and even government.

Though core objectives remain similar, corporate security professionals and security service providers have different needs that allow them to run a streamlined and efficient security operation.

To help you visualize it all, we’ve created an infographic to give you a glimpse at the different worlds TrackTik clients live in, and how software has impacted their day-to-day security needs.


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