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Perceive security guard costs or invoices as an expense without measurable ROI

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Want their security service provider to provide statistics relating to the service level agreement

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Are getting the data they need from their security guard contractor

Redefine your expectations

You rely on your contracted security guard company to be a key contributor to your security program. Security providers powered by TrackTik are committed to enforcing industry best practices, which drives reliability, operational transparency, and accountability.

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Trusted Technology

TrackTik’s corporate security management technology is trusted by hundreds of security providers to secure and protect critical parts of their customers' infrastructure.

By choosing a security provider powered by TrackTik, you benefit from:

  • Automated incident and exception notifications 
  • Automated shift, daily, and weekly summary reports
  • A web portal that allows you to view the details of the activities at one or all of your locations
  • A guard tour system tailored to the needs of your locations
  • Customized reporting tailored to your locations
  • An incident analytic dashboard and detailed analytic reports

Data at your fingertips

Make data-driven security decisions and transform information into business intelligence.

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  • Flexible permission levels allow each user to have a customized view of the data that is important to them
  • Intuitive notification options provide you with critical data as soon as it's recorded
  • The multi-location dashboard gives you real-time access to the activities at one or all locations
  • Gain insight into trends while being able to drill down to specific sites and incidents
  • Access detailed, content-rich incident analytic reports in real time
  • Review historical data for detailed analysis

Worldwide, TrackTik is trusted by over 300 security firms that are committed to industry best practices and used at more than 105 000 facilities by 200 000 users. Ask your provider about TrackTik and ensure that your physical security program is always on point with the data it needs.

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