Data is a key indicator that your security strategy is working effectively to support your team. Analytics empowers teams with a detailed understanding of their operations, performance, and the relationship with key stakeholders.

Security workforce management software arms corporate security teams with real-time data combined with connectivity and mobility, to bring clarity to your day-to-day, and the bigger picture. Simply put, being able to quantify your team’s work gives you the ability to drive accountability through data at all levels: from your staff, to your operations.

Making Your Staff Accountable

Managing a security team can be challenging, but staying informed is made simple with TrackTik’s convenience. Easy, quick incident reporting helps your staff to keep you in the loop of what’s happening on the ground, with accuracy and detail.

As a management tool, TrackTik positions you as the hub of information to share insights with your team. From here, you and your management can make informed data-driven decisions.

Staff Performance

The customizable platform allows you to create reports that evaluate job performance based on predetermined metrics, so you can quantify guard’s on-duty activity in an objective manner. Of course, staff that is aware that they will be evaluated will be more accountable of their performance.

Staff Scheduling

TrackTik’s features enable you to manage guard scheduling efficiently. Real-time visibility into your guard’s work hours mean that you can closely monitor overtime, ensure work gets evenly distributed — respecting your budget andminimizing staff turnover due to unbalanced workloads.

Budget Management

Remain closely aware of outstanding costs, missed shifts, and unbilled overtime. Effective budget management is contingent on being properly informed of your hours usage, so you can avoid simple errors from tired guards! In addition, budget management helps corporate security managers justify their budget to upper management.

To learn more about boosting employee accountability, check out our eBook here.

Accountability for Your Operation

Tapping into the Power of Data to Grow Your Security BusinessWithout proper incident data collection and management tools in place, you will remain in the dark on the effectiveness of your overall program orits individual moving parts. For example, a security guard force that is not electronically reporting all of its actions, activities, and influence removes your ability to accurately strategize, and requires tedious manual data collection.

There is immense potential to tap into the vast volume of data generated by the frontline. The only way to refine your strategy is to be informed.

Measured Deliverables

In the security field, having tangible proof of what you did is invaluable, internally and externally. Traditionally, it has been very difficult to provide quantitative information on what security staff is doing on the site while on duty. Security workforce management tools like TrackTik seek to change that by empowering teams with data-driven insights.

Auditable Information

Data on your business operations, in the form of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and business intelligence, is a surefire method to validate  the efficiency of your operations. Having easy access to auditable data allows your team to prove your position simply and at any time! In addition to this, having valuable insights on incidents also empowers your team to make decisions that will mitigate risk in the long term, keeping the site as safe as possible.

Accountability with Management

Without access to measurable information, you can’t be empowered to streamline your strategy — which all help reinforce your position within the organization. TrackTik enables the measurement  of KPIs and in-depth Incident Reporting, which will help corporate security teams validate their work when push comes to shove.


The end-to-end platform facilitates data collection at all stages of the security operation, from the frontline all the way to the back office. This empowers you to build a full report on your entire operations for management validation. Make your official board meetings more valuable by offering data that is easy-to-view and understand.


Reputation is incredibly valuable to anyorganization. The unfortunate truth is that if security or safety incidents occur on company-owned property, it may have an impact on the public’s opinion of your business. Having good visibility and staff that are accountable is a surefire way to stop incidents before they happen, and in the event that they do, to treat them quickly and effectively.

Trends and Opportunities

Furthermore, TrackTik can help you identify trends and opportunities within the security strategy, and allow you to deliver actionable insights with analytics on incidents. For example, you can determine hotspot locations for incidents and vouch for the appropriate allocation of resources. As a result, you reduce overall risk.


Amping your security strategy up with the use of data will allow you and your team to open up lines of communication, as well as boost your ability to deliver valuable insights to management. The power of quantitative data surrounding your operations helps drive accountability and satisfaction for all parties involved within your security processes.