What is recruitment software and how is it part of an HR software suite?

Think of recruitment software as a way to take all the redundant, manual labor that makes up the hiring process and automating it while improving outcomes. From writing and posting job descriptions to sending out employment offers, recruitment software streamlines nearly everything, leaving you with only the necessary processes that require human intervention.

Recruitment software typically integrates into a larger HCM (Human Capital Management) software suite by contributing data and analytics to other programs like employee engagement and payroll. It also feeds employee information directly into these other systems, meaning you never have to enter information twice.

Suppose you’re using security workforce management software. In that case, it’s possible that your HR recruiting software can feed employee information into those systems as well to avoid redundant data entry and give a complete picture of your security business.


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The main benefits of recruitment software for security firms

Security businesses want to hire the right guards and admin staff. Ideally, they’d like to keep them around as well. Recruitment software can help you find the right employees with less work while at the same time improving employee retention. It can also remove bottlenecks in the hiring process, preventing unnecessary labor costs, and helping you avoid audits with tax reporting features. Read more about the benefits of recruitment software below.

1. Prevent and even predict real labor cost problems

Overtime prevention

Nothing affects the overhead of your security business like unplanned overtime expenses. Your HR software can help prevent these costly mistakes before they occur by giving you warnings during scheduling and shift changes while predicting when you need to address staff shortages.

2. Reduce the likelihood of IRS, Department of Labor, and ACA compliance audits

Staying compliant with tax laws used to involve lots of manual labor to avoid fines and penalties. But HCM recruiting and reporting software eliminates most of the complexities in reporting, making compliance easy.

For the security industry, there are extra challenges that come from higher turnover and unique tax reporting requirements. Some HR software suites are specifically designed for security reporting needs, eliminating hours that could be devoted to more pressing priorities.

HR compliance tools can also help you avoid losing track of employee eligibility across administrative periods with automated reminders that flag eligible staff members and display remaining hours. For example, if any of your guards are eligible for benefits, you’ll get the right reminders needed to maintain compliance and satisfy employee expectations.

3. Avoid administrative bottlenecks with ease

Clunky manual processes can grind the recruiting process to a halt. That’s why automation is so key in removing bottlenecks that typically add weeks to the hiring process and is especially useful when you need guards and admin staff in days. HR recruitment software has the ability to quickly eliminate these bottlenecks that prevent talent management teams from finding the right guards.

Application times

Application processes should be quick. A Paycor study suggests that you can lose 50% of applicants if your application takes more than 10 minutes to complete. A good HCM software solution will feature ways to cut down application times by avoiding steps like requiring applicants to log in and offering speedy application templates to work off of. The registration process is a needless bottleneck that can add extra time to the process and is redundant for prospective employees.

Remember that other security firms are competing for the same workers. Something as simple as reducing application time can ensure that you have the best chance to recruit top physical security talent.

Offer letters

Avoid leaving the system with HR software that lets you send offer letters directly. Ask for an e-signature rather than requiring prospective employees to find a printer and scanner or come in physically.

4. Interview stronger candidates

A reported 75% of recruiters and talent managers use some form of HR recruiting software, with 94% saying it has improved their hiring process. HR recruitment software enables you to find those candidates that are like needles in a haystack. To increase your odds of finding the right employee, you need to meet them where they are: whether that’s on their phone, tablet, or laptop. Job applicants can apply from anywhere and at any time, giving you more options to fill open roles. Given how hard it can be to find guards in this day and age, it’s critical to open up job postings to as many qualified job seekers as possible.

Better yet, you can even schedule video interviews within the HR recruitment software platform. This is crucial when setting up interviews for potential security workers that live far away from your primary office.

Want to avoid digging through your notes? Save interview feedback automatically through handy features like talent scoring that make candidate assessments a breeze. Talent scoring is especially useful if you’re looking to justify the quality of new hires to key stakeholders.

Job postings

Good HR recruitment software will cut countless hours from your job posting tasks by allowing you to automatically publish job postings to websites like Indeed and LinkedIn. You can also easily create a career site that matches your branding, an extra touch that speaks volumes about your security firm to candidates that are evaluating job listings.

Worried about sorting through unqualified resumes? HCM software features screening that can automatically block resumes that don’t meet your standards.

5. Increase employee retention

There’s no denying that employee turnover is an issue the security industry struggles with. Guards either work in security temporarily in their careers or find their roles lacking in some way. Fortunately, HR recruitment software is able to help you retain employees in a few different ways.


One way employees grow disinterested in their work is through a lack of positive recognition. In-person praise and rewards are always critical, but you can easily make a guard’s day by recognizing them over a mobile device or computer. Such communication makes guards feel more connected to your team and overall workplace culture, enhancing their sense of purpose.

Reports and analytics

Data and analytics can help you understand where and why you’re losing guards. With HR recruitment software, you can cross-reference compensation and turnover rates to see what wages are necessary to retain your best guards and admin staff. Also, look at absenteeism and other factors that contribute to employee reviews.


In an environment where the labor market is more competitive than ever, HR recruitment software is not only necessary but essential for top security firms looking to differentiate themselves. Upon implementing such a solution, taking advantage of the many benefits of recruitment software is equally as critical.

After all, software that streamlines the hiring process opens the recruitment field to as many talented workers as possible. And when you find the right people for your roles, you don’t want anything to slow you down.

When you’ve landed key personnel, don’t forget to take the necessary steps to keep them in your workforce. For that, you’ll need HR recruitment software.

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