It’s the holiday season and the TrackTik Product team wants to share some great news with you!

In October, we launched our breakthrough advanced Break Management solution and our Kiosk solution, both aimed at making your business run better, helping you stay compliant, and offering you more ways to use TrackTik as your software solution. Just a quick refresher — we developed Break Management to:

  • Help you keep track of your employees’ breaks and comply with break rules
  • Simplify the scheduling process by leveraging break rules that your admins create
  • Help your guards have a more structured day by informing them of their breaks in a timely fashion

The Why, What, Who and How

The pains many companies face regarding the two-headed beast of compliance and simplifying operations are difficult to solve, but our approach to building these solutions revolved around three aspects: 1) what the solution can do to support compliance, 2) who can benefit from this technology, and 3) how it can be best be used by as many people so the benefits touch all areas of your security operations.

Our initial launch saw a lot of interest, and you didn’t hesitate to give us great feedback on how to further improve our Break Management solution. We listened, and made enhancements to increase accountability, transparency, and ease of use. In the same way you might do your banking on your laptop, a mobile app or even the old-fashioned way, in person, we also considered how you can take advantage of the Break Management functionality on multiple platforms. The more platforms you have to use the technology we’ve created, the more opportunities you have you have to grow your business and stay compliant at the same time. Which brings us to the Kiosk app.

In this version of the TrackTik Kiosk app, we have integrated all Break Management features so breaks can now be tracked on a tablet or laptop. Why is this good news? It means you can grow and support your business in three ways:

  • Offer services for large events or facilities where guards don’t need to do onsite reporting
  • Stay compliant with break rules and lower your risk exposure
  • Reduce mobile device management overhead through the use of a shared device, instead of needing individual devices and licenses


Continuing on the theme of spreading access to our technology, we have a holiday bonus for our customers. If you use IVRs to track clock-ins and breaks, Break Management is now supported with this technology too! The same break rules created in your Scheduling module will apply to IVR users.

Key Updates

Here are some of the key updates we introduced for this latest release.

Break Management 

  • A Break Summary Report can be generated in PDF format for easier traceability, archiving and auditing
  • Admin users can now split shifts leveraging break rules; break types and duration are auto-populated when splitting the shift to reduce manual entry
  • Enhancements to Break Management UI for easier use when creating rules


  • Your guards now have visibility on upcoming breaks per type and duration for a user’s current shift (Meal and Rest)
  • Your guards now can select a specific type of break the user is starting
  • A Shift Summary Report is generated at the end of the shift so there is transparency for guards and supervisors after every shift

No matter how you look at it, TrackTik has you covered to help make your business run smarter and better during this holiday season.

Enjoy the holidays!

Your TrackTik Product Team

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