Security officer operation reporting

Without real-time insight into your operations, it’s difficult to manage and adapt to last-minute changes, maintain SLA compliance, accurately reduce overtime spending or measure KPIs. Without accurate reporting and in-the-minute data, you’re unable to spot trends and get ahead of potential risks before they develop into problems.

TrackTik delivers unparalleled insight into what’s happening across your entire operations. With TrackTik, you get information at your fingertips helping you optimize your security activities, and also deliver transparency and accountability to your stakeholders. Once you have visibility over your operations, you’ll never go back to siloed paper or spreadsheet-based working!

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Guarding Suite
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Live GPS overview

View the live location of your frontline staff on a dynamic map and connect with them instantly through a Message Board. Define trigger points and stay on top of ground through push notifications.

Guarding Suite
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Mobile patrol management

To manage mobile security, use Active Patrol View and Closest to Site Units Display to react to situations. Tackle any unforeseen changes and allocate suitable resources to vacant shifts with automated processes.

Mobile Suite
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Connect back office and frontline security guard operations

Connect your frontline and back-office operations and ensure seamless data flows. With a clear picture of your invoicing and payroll preparation, you can closely monitor the productivity and the efficiency of your operations.

Back Office Suite
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Live patrol tracking

With TrackTik’s Live Dashboard, track your guards’ actions, and receive regular shift and tour completion updates. Tune in to audio and video recordings for a bigger picture and ensure the safety of your at-risk solitary workers.

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Security service level compliance

With the power of our intelligence tools, you’ll be able to reimagine how you structure your operations to maximize productivity and stakeholder satisfaction. Share operational data with your stakeholders to demonstrate service level compliance and also share added-value information on the security environment you’re managing.

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