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More Than Guard Tour

Unlike other guard tour software, TrackTik seamlessly connects mobile guard patrols, incident reporting, guard scheduling, payroll, tracking, and more — saving you time and money while delivering data-rich information in real time so you can always make informed decisions. Increase accountability and efficiency of officers in field.

Stay on top of your field activities

Customizable Reporting

Collecting pertinent incident reporting information has never been easier with TrackTik’s reporting solution. Automate the distribution of report notifications and digitize your guard reporting.

Gather the right information

Trends & Analytics

Add value to your services by preparing and delivering content-rich trend and analytics reports. Mitigate the overall risk level at their site. Maximize your client’s return on their security budget by suggesting the optimal use of security solutions - know the what, when and where at your clients sites, at all time.

Add value through data

Dynamic Tracking

Provide real-time visual of your entire operations to ensure officer safety, provide accountability and increase efficiency. Geo-fences with automated alerts ensure that you're always aware of what's happening in the field. Access a full history of GPS activity whenever it's required, from anywhere.

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