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What’s in it?

  • Real-time SMS and email notifications
  • Flexibility to create several geo-zones per site
  • Robust notification center for different types of geo-events
  • Guard location can be noted when critical reports are logged
  • Configuration options for authorized and unauthorized geo-zones
  • Robust notification center for different types of geo-events

What’s in it for you?

  • Gain insight into guard behavior
  • Unlimited history of GPS data
  • Flexibility to create several geo-zones per site
  • Quick links to reports or incidents make documentation easy to find
  • Rapid notification of movement in authorized and unauthorized areas
  • Accessible history allows you to pinpoint guard location by date and time
  • Enhanced customer transparency via access to exact guard locations
  • Maps — because everyone loves maps!

With one glance, focus on what is critical!

TrackTik’s dynamic map displays the location of your connected users, active dispatch tickets, and client sites on a map of all authorized and unauthorized areas. With various options to select what is and isn’t displayed, your control center can tailor the maps to provide visibility of what’s most important.

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Monitor movement and increase accountability

By enhancing field visibility, TrackTik's geo-fencing provides a robust suite of notifications and options that can be tailored to support coverage expectations for any site. The notification triggers work seamlessly with the virtual barriers of the geo-fence to capture different types of events, such as entering, leaving, or remaining in defined geo-zones. Create geo-fences for authorized and unauthorized areas and stay in control with real-time SMS and/or email notifications.

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