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What’s in it?

  • Android, iOs, smartphone and tablet compatible
  • Site dedicated emergency contacts, post and escalation order
  • Real-time acknowledgment of escalation order
  • Support Barcodes, QR codes, NFC and GPS checkpoints
  • Generate detailed and accurate patrol data
  • Real-time GPS tracking during entire shift
  • Automated guard tour summary with GPS tracks
  • Real-time late, incomplete or completed tour notifications

What’s in it for you?

  • Ensure guard tour compliance with protocols, SLA’s and client requests
  • Increase client retention and transparency with real-time notifications
  • Access, review and analyze site historical data supporting better security decisions
  • Requires no system installation or server maintenance
  • Benefit from a checkpoint system that is easy to use and install, minimal security guards training required
  • Intuitive interface for guard tour system set up

Monitor operations performance

With flexible notification options, TrackTik’s Guard Tour System keeps you and your clients informed of the status of events via e-mail, SMS or browser. See in real time whether protocols are being respected and take corrective action without delay.
Guards and patrollers become more self-sufficient, which significantly improves their sense of ownership.

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Focus on what is critical

In addition to post and escalation orders, our customizable and flexible checkpoint options empower you with the ability to provide additional instructions, ask questions, request report completion, and much more.
Supporting technologies such as NFC, barcodes, QR codes, and GPS, TrackTik’s Security Guard Tour System replaces outdated solutions while using existing optical labels.

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