There’s no denying that managing a mobile workforce can be quite the challenge – and this is especially true for those who manage a team of security guards. Whether you manage a small team that only patrols a few buildings or a large staff that is spread out across several cities, failure to respond appropriately to the logistical challenges of your industry can cause some serious problems for you and your clients.

Thankfully, with the help of mobile patrol software, you can avoid many of the stumbling blocks that would otherwise completely disrupt your business. Here are five common security management problems that mobile workforce software will help you solve:

1. Employee Accountability

Security management companies and others with mobile workforces frequently find it difficult to keep track of their employees’ movements and maintain accountability. After all, how can you know that your guard is actually conducting a thorough patrol? How can you know that they checked in to their shift on time?

One of the main advantages of mobile workforce software is that it uses GPS technology to automatically track your guards’ movements. You can receive notifications for when your guards go on break, or if they leave their patrol area without authorization. Electronic check-in and check-out devices also keep guards honest, allowing you to identify both dependable and unreliable employees.

2. Reporting

While submitting incident reports is one of your guards’ top responsibilities, this task can easily cause problems for your company. Incomplete reports, unreadable handwriting, and other issues can keep your guards’ reports from being as informative as they should be.

Thankfully, modern workforce software helps you avoid this problem by generating an easy-to-follow template for your guards to fill out. Guards can quickly categorize incidents and insert any needed comments, signature or pictures, while time and location stamps are automatically submitted. Electronic delivery ensures that no report is ever lost in a stack of papers.

3. Rapid Response

Another common problem faced by security teams is the inability to respond quickly to certain incidents. It can sometimes be difficult to get in touch with clients for additional instructions, leaving your guards unable to respond appropriately to an unforeseen event. In other cases, the nature of standard incident reporting can make it hard for supervisors to fully understand the situation and deliver appropriate instructions.

Mobile workforce software can provide push notifications when an incident is reported and requires additional support, ensuring that guards will quickly get the help they need. Integration of photo and video uploads provides detailed reporting that allows supervisors to quickly assess the situation and provide appropriate instructions.

4. Disputed Incidents

Few issues can be more problematic than someone disputing the contents of a guard’s report. In some cases, a client or a disgruntled employee might attempt to argue that your guard responded inappropriately to an incident or wasn’t in the appropriate area for their patrol. In some cases, they could even threaten legal action.

The right software protects you from this very serious problem. GPS tracking, photo and video uploads offer conclusive evidence of your guard’s actions, helping you ensure that the truth is made known. This can be especially valuable after a theft, vandalism or other serious incident has been reported.

5. Competition

Whether you’ve just started your security company or have been in the business for several years, staying ahead of the competition is a never-ending struggle. With the help of mobile workforce software, you can demonstrate to new and potential clients how you are embracing new technologies to improve efficiency and security. By adding value to your client offerings with this technology, you’ll be better equipped to keep your current clients happy and win new clients to continue growing your business.

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