While some might be tempted to think that the security guard industry has remained pretty much the same over the years, those who are truly in the know realize that worldwide trends and technological innovations can affect this industry just as much as any other.

So what innovations and challenges are of most interest to the security guard industry today?

Here’s a brief look at some of the trends that are being felt around the world:

Innovations and Opportunities

Without a doubt, one of the largest emerging trends is the increased use of smart technology for monitoring and managing security workforces. The implementation of GPS tracking and real time incident reporting have led to significant improvements in employee accountability while integrating apps with employee smartphones has allowed for improved communication and efficiency.

Management tools have also made a difference, helping back office teams reduce human error and cut down on time spent managing vital tasks such as scheduling and payroll. The use of these technologies can improve profitability while also delivering better results to clients.

Another interesting trend is how the “global connectedness” of the world has led to a higher demand for security services. Increased reporting of terrorism and other violent incidents has made security operations of paramount importance for many companies and municipalities, and as such, the security guard industry is expected to grow as their services are requested for more locations and events. In many situations, assessing potential security risks and taking steps to mitigate them has become a top priority when planning an event or opening a new facility, rather than just an afterthought.

The rising developments in security oriented technology, as well as an increased demand for security services in general, presents significant growth opportunities to companies large and small. Those who are able to demonstrate to potential clients how they use technology to ensure a safe environment and a rapid response to on-site incidents will be in a much better position to land new contracts in the year ahead.

Security Industry Challenges

Of course, the current trends and opportunities the security guard industry is enjoying also bring their fair share of challenges: namely, the importance of hiring qualified security guards and back office staff who understand how to use technology effectively.

While not all companies are in a position to hire new workers, there’s no denying that technology training is essential for those who wish to remain relevant in the years to come. The use of real time activity feeds, live metrics, tracking devices, and other technological advances will doubtless spread quickly through the security guard industry. Those who know how to implement it properly will thrive, while those who are unprepared for the changes technology brings – or simply refuse to implement it – will struggle.

Security guard companies that wish to remain relevant would do well to implement high-quality technology dashboards sooner rather than later. By offering training and learning resources to their employees, they can also make the transition go more smoothly so that their team is better able to adapt to the new system and deliver better results.An increased demand for security guard companies also means that more companies will need to look for new workers as they expand their business. Finding the best employees is always a challenge, especially in an environment where workers are in high demand.

While expanding companies shouldn’t delay the process of making new hires, it would be wise to not rush through the hiring process simply so you can have an adequate number of guards.

Companies should still take the time to thoroughly vet potential employees before adding them to a security guard team – after all, a bad hire could easily cost you those new clients you worked so hard to gain.

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