To help your organization maximize its ROI in the shortest amount of time, our Customer Success team will share with you the best practices your people need as they work with the TrackTik platform.

Since your success is a journey, not a destination, we focus on the adoption and usage of our platform, not just on its implementation or deployment.

To facilitate the management of change as your team adopts the TrackTik platform, we have found that setting a series of milestones on your post-purchase journey is a proven method for customer success.


Milestones of Your Success

These are the four milestones:

1. We Identify Your Needs

To clearly identify your needs and continue the journey you have already started with us, we gather all the information our sales team has garnered during the pre-purchase process.

2. We Define Your Main Goal

We all like to know where we are going. Together, we define your main goal and the steps leading to it. By dividing up the integration into identifiable steps, we know from experience you will feel more comfortable and motivated to do your part.

As we reach every step, we will clearly know and feel that we are progressing toward our main goal. You will not feel overwhelmed by the information. Because our platform can do so many things, it is important that we create this feeling of ease and satisfaction with the results.

3. We Monitor Progress

We want to ensure that your team is getting the most out of the platform. Once you start using the tool to achieve the first desired outcomes, it is important that we monitor use and schedule coaching sessions to share best practices.

4. You Provide Feedback

Once you start asking questions that reflect a deep understanding of the platform’s basics, we will know you are comfortable enough to deepen your mastery. At this point, as partners in a mutually beneficial relationship, you can also provide valuable feedback to help improve our platform.

Now it can be said that your team has truly adopted the platform and adapted to change.


How Does the Change Management Program Work?

Choose an integration package tailor-made to the needs of your organization. Plans range from links to training materials and walk-through webinar recordings to personalized, one-on-one training sessions with highly-qualified TrackTik trainers.

Components of an integration package may include:

  •      A goal-defining call and the gathering of requirements
  •      Mapping of your goals to each phase of the integration
  •      Interaction with our team to focus on the “human side” of software integration; it is important for you to feel comfortable and motivated on your journey
  •      Seamless data migration and upload
  •      Continuous post-integration engagement with you to ensure optimal use of the platform


Example of an Integration Timeline

How TrackTik Can Support Your Change Management Program

Julie Lacasse
Vice President Operations
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