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Overtime Prevention

The time is now: regain control
of your overtime costs

TrackTik’s Latest Overtime Prevention Module

Reduce overhead costs today and improve your bottom-line tomorrow

Transform the Way You Manage Overtime

Inflated overtime costs continue to plague the security industry. The operational frustrations and financial pains have often been met with uncertainty and concern. The lack of proper tools to manage overtime needed to be addressed - quickly.

With TrackTik’s latest overtime prevention module, you can rest easy knowing the intricacies of overtime scheduling are under control.

The system has been engineered to ensure all guards are properly scheduled to avoid long hours or discrepancies within your workforce, meaning staff retention will increase as will onsite performance. Furthermore, the module allows you to be proactive rather than reactive as you can be better prepared for overtime costs as you track them in real-time, rather than having them summarized at the end of the week.

Know Exactly What Is Happening Within Your Operation

The Overtime Prevention Module gives you a bird’s eye view of your sites in real-time, so you will be alerted regarding any overtime limits that could be passed, or if you can easily swap in another guard to avoid additional costs.

This kind of information allows to make better decisions on how you will manage different sites, how you will track your workforce’s hours and overtime responsibilities, and what impact it will ultimately have on your bottom-line.

Turn Data into a Competitive Asset

How can data truly help you save money and time? Simple - with accurate and real-time insight into your security workforce’s day-to-day activities, you can see the parts of your operation that are performing to your standards and replicate them at other sites.

This focus on data within the overtime prevention module gives you the information you need to set goals for overtime spending limits as well as yearly budgets for these kinds of situations.

With all of this done within TrackTik, you can spend more time and money investing in actions that will take your security operations to the next level.

Blown Away!!

“We are blown away by TrackTik. We have been using this revolutionary technology for over a year and half now and it is everything and more that we were promised it would be. We significantly decreased costs, since it allows us to do more with less personnel. TrackTik has also helped us boost our bottom line.”
Brian Dixon

President & CEO, Security Innovations Protective Services, LLC.

Change The Way You Manage Your Operations

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