Say goodbye to manual security workforce scheduling

Utilizing a cloud-based schedule, you can remove countless admin hours from your work week. TrackTik’s Scheduling module enables you to build templates for a week, two weeks or a custom number of days to be carried over to as many future weeks and months as you would like. This way you don’t have to repeatedly create shifts that are required for months or years at a time. You can still add ad-hoc shifts and change the template at any time so you are not stuck with the templated shifts.

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Optimal security guard dispatching

With TrackTik, you can view officer profiles and availability at a glance, and choose the appropriate guard accordingly. You can also filter available profiles based on the right skill sets such as CPR training to make sure you choose the right security officer as per the customer contract. Plus, with the ability to easily create and publish up-to-date schedules, you make it even easier to get the right person to the right place at the right time.

The solution to security officer cancellations and no-shows

The Scheduling & Attendance module allows you to adapt to last-minute changes quickly and preempt situations before they create a problem for your stakeholders. Using the vacant shift dashboard, you’re able to quickly see your unassigned shifts in one view and plan accordingly. Equally useful is being able to view unconfirmed shifts over different time periods. With this insight, you can anticipate scheduling problems before they happen.

With TrackTik, you can move to real-time scheduling to quickly respond to absences, replacements, overlapping, shift splitting, and open shifts. You can take corrective action offering shifts by SMS either via sending batches or one shift to multiple users.

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Boost your security workforce’s performance with improved overtime management

Using the overtime prevention feature, you can make sure your scheduling takes into account overtime, avoiding large discrepancies among your security officers in terms of hours worked. By setting rules and live alerts, you can evenly distribute your shifts to increase staff satisfaction and retention as well as controlling your overtime spending. These live alerts will be present for last-minute shift substitutions as well.