Visibility into your security operations is crucial for running a successful business. Before the introduction of security workforce management software, you may not have had complete oversight of guard activity or checkpoint completion rates. You certainly did not have the analytics that come from collecting that activity data to benchmark productivity or pinpoint areas for improvement. The insights gained from a security workforce management platform can transform your business in many ways with benefits for your clients, your security teams and your bottom line.

TrackTik’s security workforce management software continues to lead the pack in terms of innovation and the efficiencies it unlocks for your business. Let’s explore six transformative benefits of the TrackTik platform and the features that make them possible.

1. Real-Time Information for Advanced Security Analytics

A comprehensive view of your security operations includes live monitoring as well as capturing real-time incident reporting. TrackTik provides those real-time insights across security guard performance and workflow efficiency showcasing how security incidents are resolved. With access to real-time information, you can take immediate actions to rectify identified issues, preventing further potential security threats.

On-the-Go Incident Reporting

TrackTik allows you to collect mission-critical information from your security teams in the field with real-time incident reporting. Sharing this information quickly and accurately leads to faster responses which can be critical in potentially risky situations. View information across multiple sites by severity and incident type for a snapshot into your day-to-day operations. Capturing information in TrackTik’s software application and documenting incidents this way allows for a standardized method of tracking data and empowers you to do a deeper dive into what these analytics mean for your business.

In-Depth Incident Analytics

With digital storage of this data in TrackTik, you have secure accessibility for future reference or for conducting in-depth analysis of security incidents on your sites and daily operational activities. This aids in creating preventive strategies for similar incidents in the future and helps to build a detailed picture of the potential threat landscape. You can defend budget allocation easily knowing where resources should be placed and run analysis reports on KPIs to gauge security guard performance. These reports can then easily be shared with your clients to help prove the value of your security operations to their business.

2. Seamless Communication Through a Client Portal

Keeping clients aware of how your security teams are performing is key to building a trusting business relationship that will last. Security workforce management software can serve as a communication hub. Clients need to understand the value of the security services you are providing them with and be kept up to date with all operational ongoings when it comes to maintaining their spaces’ safety. TrackTik offers many customizable methods of communication for sharing vital information and operational data with your clients.

Client Portal for Peace of Mind

Tap into transparency with TrackTik by building a client-facing portal to allow your clients to access the information they need on their own time, with their own private login. Customize dashboards for tracking performance metrics, incident analytics, checkpoint scans and tours, scheduling, attendance, and more. A client portal can achieve seamless, proactive communication between you and your customers and helps to ensure service level agreements are being met consistently. This type of elevated customer experience helps to ensure client satisfaction and goes a long way to secure repeat business.

3. Keep Security Personnel Safe with Additional Protection Features

While simultaneously tracking security guard performance and monitoring activities on-site, a security workforce management solution also has the added benefit of providing an additional level of safety for security guards in the field. When dangerous or risky situations present themselves, rest assured that technology can aid in keeping security guards safer. TrackTik offers a number of tools to enhance security guard safety through real-time monitoring capabilities.

Guarding Tour and GPS Tracking

Receive a flow of live data from your security guards on the ground and use communication tools such as message boards or post orders for status updates to know your teams are safe. TrackTik provides live GPS tracking of where security guards are posted on-site, allowing for faster response times during an incident.

Lone Worker Protection

Gone are the days of manual check-ins and miscommunication that left lone workers vulnerable in the field. TrackTik alleviates concerns around lone workers by integrating guard tour capabilities to proactively monitor lone worker’s location and movements. Now lone workers have enhanced communication channels to check in and tools to signal for help when in distress. As an employer, you can also send alerts to employees if they become unresponsive.

Panic Button for Emergencies

A crucial safety measure for both lone workers and security guard teams is the ability to request immediate assistance in times of distress or emergency situations. TrackTik implemented a panic button for those occasions that can be activated manually through the mobile app. Hazard alerts are also available when security guards embark on a risky or hazardous task. Upon activation of the hazard alert, a safety timer is launched and can seamlessly escalate to a panic alert if necessary, or they can deactivate the timer once they are no longer exposed to any risk.

4. Empower Security Guards with Advanced Functionality

Security guards have a large list of responsibilities when it comes to protecting people, places, and property from potential threats. Detering criminal activity, monitoring entry points, reporting suspicious behavior, and responding to emergency situations require security guards to constantly be on the lookout. This makes reporting of these duties challenging, especially if the processes in place are not simple to follow or automated in some manner. TrackTik enhances security guard productivity by streamlining operational processes for teams in the field and offering a suite of tools to keep security guards accountable for their daily activities.

Simplify Checkpoint Tours

Ensure security guards are thoroughly checking various locations around the site by setting up custom activity requests related to the specific checkpoint. Supporting NFC, barcode, QR code, Aztec, GPS, and manual sign-in checkpoints, TrackTik allows you to log an incident, display a message, open a report form, ask exception questions, or trigger an incident alert at every checkpoint. This provides an added level of accountability for security guards while streamlining the process for your team to verify they have completed a checkpoint tour.

Deliver Post Orders

Equip your frontline security personnel with all site-specific procedures and documents in real-time. TrackTik allows you to define and outline how to deal with unique situations, while also verifying that your security team received the necessary information using post orders. Security guards can feel confident they know exactly what is expected of them at a checkpoint or on a site tour.

Instant Alerts Tied to Site Geofencing

It’s important to set up effective guard tour protocols to match the site and areas within that site that your security teams are tasked with securing. TrackTik offers a geofencing feature to establish permitted and restricted zones at your sites, as well as designate special protocols tied to specific locations.

Geofencing integrates with the live GPS tracking associated with your security personnel’s devices to deliver an at-a-glance map view of your guard tour field operations, along with the ability to set up SMS and email notifications. These automatic notifications provide instant alerts on security guards entering and exiting zones and can push reminders linked to specific geofenced areas. With the software designed around managing by exception, you can avoid being overloaded with alerts, only receiving notifications that matter.

Live Progress Reporting

Meeting service level agreements with your clients can be challenging without complete visibility on the progress of your guard’s patrols. Using the active patrol view in TrackTik, you have a live feed of your mobile operations and can assign your resources to jobs based on what’s happening in the field. You can reassign jobs to dispatch security guards or amend a runsheet to accommodate changes while complying with your contractual obligations to your security teams and customers. Being able to track the progression of each patrol runsheet gives you deep insight into performance and opportunities for efficiency, while also delivering assurance on service quality.

5. Streamline Administrative Tasks with Oversight and Control

Security operations are not limited to the action on-site and encompass a whole host of administrative tasks happening in the background to keep your business humming. Security administrative teams often juggle scheduling, dispatching, payroll, and invoicing to clients. Manually completing these tasks has presented resourcing challenges and produced errors that affect your bottom line. Security workforce management software automates these processes and with a few easy clicks, you can keep an exact account of your back-office operations.

Smooth Security Workforce Scheduling

Manually building schedules across sites can cost your team valuable time and make it near impossible to keep up with attendance issues and last-minute changes. With TrackTik’s schedule builder, you can easily create, update, and manage your security staff’s shifts and adapt to exceptions without overstepping your cost constraints. Remove countless administrative hours from the work week using repeatable templates that can still be customized for ad-hoc shifts.

TrackTik also allows you to view security guard profiles and availability at a glance to dispatch the right guard at the right time based on skillsets, certifications, and pay rate.

Effective Overtime Management

Eliminate concerns for non-billable overtime using preventative features built into your security workforce management solution. Make sure scheduling takes into account when a security guard is about to reach overtime and avoid discrepancies between your team in terms of hours worked.

TrackTik allows you to set rules and live alerts to boost your security workforce’s performance while improving overtime management through evenly distributed shifts.

Timely, Accurate Invoicing

Balancing the books requires detailed record-keeping. Without an automated contract management tool, administrative staff struggle to invoice clients accurately and on time. With TrackTik, all of your contracting information is at your fingertips for easy reference when billing out customers. Tying in scheduling and attendance records for accuracy helps lay the groundwork for a long-term profitable relationship with your clients built on transparency.

6. Drive Company Growth and Optimization

Organizations are realizing the efficiencies and cost savings that come with digitizing and streamlining their security operations through workforce management software. By reducing hours spent on guards manually reporting, double-checking paperwork, or clicking through separate spreadsheets, security businesses can unlock growth opportunities with better resource allocation and optimized processes.

TrackTik has a proven track record of transforming security companies:

These and other growth benefits open avenues for scalability, profitability, and improved overall service quality to gain a competitive edge through workforce management technology.

Increased Employee Retention

Arming your security teams with simpler methods for capturing their productivity will lead to increased job satisfaction and less discrepancies. Streamlining scheduling workflows, sharing detailed responsibilities when on-site, and providing additional security measures for their safety all contribute to positive employee experiences.

Enhancing Client Satisfaction

Your customers will undoubtedly reap the benefits of a workforce management solution. Accurate billing, increased focus on meeting service level agreements, and timely communication will boost client confidence. Through a customer portal, they gain a comprehensive view of the security services being provided to attach value to their own operations and start to make data-driven decisions to optimize their business.

Reaping the Rewards of Security Workforce Management Software

A robust security management system will change the way your operations are handled, bringing both efficiency and intelligence to the forefront. Leveraging technology like TrackTik enhances the experience for your security teams, removing barriers to client satisfaction all while helping you scale your business and ultimately improve your bottom line.

Take a proactive approach to transforming your security organization and learn how TrackTik can take your operations to the next level. Schedule an interactive demo with one of our technology experts or take a product tour to see TrackTik in action.